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Meet Rosane Negroni

Consultant, mom, wife and motivational seller. 

I am  a consultant of Maravilhas da Terra  introducing you the Functional Teas all natural ingredients that brings to you wellness and health. 

I was granted three quality seals, The Organic Seal, the FDA seal and the Kosher Seal. It is the most selling product in Brazil and now in the United States for your delight.

The Products

The weight loss protocol consists in a Kit containing 3 functional teas to be consumed in 3 phases:


Detoxify (1st phase)

30 days 


It promotes your restful sleep


Burns body fat (2nd phase)  

15 days


Your body in balance


Appetite control (3rd phase)

 15 days


"I used to have a lot of 'hot flashes' and when I started to drink the tea it completly went away. I was also very stressed, nervous, anxious, suffered from a iregulated bowel. And I had low self steem.

And as a result of the tea I put on elegant clothes, I look pretty for myself. Today I love myself because I am happy, thin and healthy."

Fernanda Ricardo

MDT Client and Consultant

“Poor digestion caused me a lot of sweeling, headache and, with that, came the bad mood. I used to not go to the bathroom for five days and it was a commom to have to go to the hospital to wash my digestive system. As soon as I started taking the teas, everything harmonized, from toe to head. I consumed Linfa Chá, Super Chá, Super Chá SB, Super Colllágeno and now I am taking Santé. After I started consuming these natural products, my body is different. The apprereance is also different. Its doing me very well. These are natural products that have restored my quality of life.”

Josy Freire 
VP Marketing Mobile.ze

“My days were very bad, with very low self-esteem. Until one day I met a friend who I hadn't seen in a while and who, by the way, was 'overweight' too. And she introduced me to Super Chá SB. Within 15 days taking my family and friends noticed the difference. It motivated me a lot. My mannequin went from 44 to 38. Each day I began to love myself more. My health has changed. I became a new Deborah. I feel fullfilled.”

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist


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